2001/2 Own programme “Facettes of Love” performed in Switzerland
1999 “Sem Tristeza”, Nagoya, Japan.
1996 Choreography “Wings” performed at the opening of the 'tanzhaus wasserwerk zürich'.
1995 Choreography “Black/White” performed at the Studiobühne Opernhaus, Zurich.
1994 Own programmes “Intersections 2,3,4” performed in Germany and Switzerland.
1993 Own programme “Ryôbô” performed in Switzerland.
1992 Choreographed “Johakyu”; performed in Zurich and Japan.
1987–1991 First full evening with “Triangel”, “Grenz-Fall”, “Tiefer & Tiefer” to the music of the Swiss composer Edu Haubensak in Zurich.

Performances in Zurich and around Switzerland in collaboration with the ZET Tanztheater.

Own works performed as well as those of Elvi Leu and Jean Isaacs.
1985–1986 Performances with the “Zurich Dance Theatre” in works choreographed by Paula Lansley and guest choreographer Stuart Hodes.
1981–1983 Performances in Zurich with Eileen Nemeth.

Performances in “Carmen”, “La Bayadère” and “Jenufa”.during the ballet studies.
Also... Invitation to the 3rd International Ballet & Modern Dance Competition, Nagoya, Japan.

The pieces “Triangel”, “Johakyu”, “Surge” were performed at the 'Festival de la Cité' in Lausanne.

The piece “1 to 1” was selected by the Swiss Institute to be performed at the Swiss Dance Festival at St. Mark's Church in New York.

The pieces “Voyage”, “Grenz-Fall” and “Surge” were selected to be performed in the Zurich dance festival “Tanz November”.

Invitation to the 'International Choreographers Workshop' at the American Dance Festival 91 in Durham, North Carolina.
2005–2007 Member of the board of the umbrella association “danse suisse”.
1996–2001 President of the Swiss Association of Dancers and Choreographers, SVTC. Since then member of the board.
1992–2007 Member of the board of the Swiss Association of Dancers and Choreographers, SVTC.
1988–1994 Member of the board of the IGTZ, Interessen Gemeinschaft Tanz Zürich.
1989–1992 On the organisation team of “Tanz in Stücken”.
1988–1989 On the organisation team of the dance festival “Tanz November”.